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July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

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OMG if one was searching for the Ultimate Ceilidh Experience, this weekend hit the motherlode. On Friday night it was friend and Guitar Pupil extraordinaire Mari’s Birthday bash at the Chipping Village Hall,( good use of EEC grant that place) and a great time was had by all.
Last night we were on an ancient lawn in the back garden of Ribchester Parish Church Rectory,Somehow our permanent Marquee Jinx,and the Perma Showers that inhabit Lancs Summer Weather held off long enough to produce a perfect Summer Evening, a party willing to throw themselves whole-heartedly into the spirit of things. The result was a magic evening with wonderful vibes, the sight of scores of people whizzing round in complete abandon with a backdrop of the beautiful Church and gardens, in the fading light will remain with us as one of our best ever gigs.
We finished at 10.30, then there was a Disco in the Church Hall where the most energetic could do their thing. We firmly believe that the Ceilidh and Disco shouldn’t mix, don’t mess with the Formula we do so well, let us do what we do best, then, if you have energy to burn, get your Recorded music via a Disco, or friend with a powerful Boom Box.

July 10, 2011

Familiar Feelings

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Hey there friends, Roger, and prospective clients !
Prior to Band Holidays, we’re doing the usual round of familiar things. The inevitable downpours visited our gig at Hutton Grammar School (in a Marquee natch), but it was an exceedingly strong one, so the elements only really scored as we loaded and unloaded.
Then it was off to Samlesbury Hall, where we are always welcomed like old friends ! even being introduced to senior management no less.
The buffet, as often was a Hog Roast, the first we’ve had for a long time. I have made a pact with myself to only have one Sandwich (with stuffing and Apple Sauce) so as not to meet “Big Hog” in an indigestion nightmare.We can’t recommend the Hall enough, what a wonderful place to have your reception.
Speaking of which, we are already turning down bookings in June, July and August are also moving fast, so book now, A DEPOSIT OF £25.00 WILL SECURE THE DATE FOR YOU.

June 9, 2011

And the Moral Is …

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We are getting two messages at the Moment, profuse thanks for services provided, (see our appraisals page, you couldn’t make it up ), and requests to do Weddings, Parties or whatever in the next few weeks….
Sorry, but we’re full up to Mid September, the wise customers booked us up to a year in advance.
So, the moral is , book early. We love to play, but when we’re full up. we’re full. The time to be booking us for your next year Summer Wedding is now !!! A £25.00 deposit would secure the date for you.

May 10, 2011

Weather Report

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Hello Friends, Roger, and prospective Customers,

Verily I have good News for you ! This Summer is going to be gorgeous weather all the way  through, I know this for a fact because we hardly have any gigs in Marquees this year.

Perhaps our worst experience was in the Lakes in December with a particularly cold snap, and the heating actually broke down ! Usually something resembling a jet engine blows ou meltingly  hot air in these places, directed straight at our precious instruments.

Speaking of bookings, we are having a bumper time in Summer with a record number in August. If you are getting Married next Summer, now is the time to get in, we have already had to turn one down next June, so let;s be having You…


April 23, 2011

More Musings (?!)

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That great Musician Sir Thomas Beecham once said “The English dislike Music, but they love the noise it makes”. This might explain how we manage to win the day on many a “difficult” booking by having a very powerful and focussed ensemble sound, courtesy of our state of the art Bose Public Address system, plus our playing skills honed over decades.

Let,s face it, not everyone likes traditional music, but belted out with finesse and style, most will concur that we “sound good”.

When it comes to microphones, we insist that all our Callers use ourUHF Radio mic. Cheaper ones can pick up Taxi channels with embarrasing effect and vice versa.

The first time we used our radio mic, we were at a Manchester Airport Hotel, all went well, with no signal leakage, or so I thought, till I looked in the sky and saw several Jumbo jets doing a “Dos y Do” (pronounced Dozy Doe in Chorley), only joking !!

Anyway we are near the Airport on Thursday night for a wedding Ceilidh, good,  I can  sleep through the Royal Wedding, next day and not have to work thanks to my Eton befrocked mate Dave.


April 2, 2011

Do We Sing, Do We Dance,Do a Disco ?

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This article could be summed up by one word ,,, No !!!,No !!! No !!!. We reckon,and user feedback has told us that our Website is well representativew of what we are.

Some people think we should croon a jolly Irish Ditty, play a few Black Sabbath Tunes, or Rock ‘N Roll, or do Riverdance, or be a DJ. No doubt all these talented sensitive Human Beings doing these wondrous things receive wonderful Mother Love, and some are good at what they do.

What they can’t do is play Ceilidh Music for Dancing, that’s what it says on the can, that’s what we do.

By all means book a Folk Band or Disco to follow us, but, in the words of that great twentieth Century Philosopher, Popeye the Sasilor man, We are what we are and that’s all that we are ‘Cos we#re the Old School Ceilidh Band, BEEP BEEP !!


March 6, 2011

Going the Extra Mile

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If you are a nostalgia freak, try going down the old “A” roads like the A6, instead of the Motorway. That’s what we did last night to get to New Mills in Derbyshire

After the province of Hazel Grove, where the population appear to exist only on takeaway Pizzas, Burgers, Indian, Chinese and Chippies, the urban sprawl begins to peter out, and you rise toward the well- heeled environs of Disley,and then the Post-Industrial  destination of New Mills, with the spectacular Peak District just a few miles ahead.

We were booked for a 30th Birthday party, already we have received a lovely thankyou message from our satisfied customer.

If you try us, we might be prepared to travel that bit further to get to you.

We are ultimately a business (fortunately for you we aren’t Plumbers), so we will charge a little extra for Time and Travel, but we like an adventure, and you won’t be disappointed,so….. I know you are out there hovering….. get that enquiry in now !!!


PS we are already booking Weddings for 2012, so be like Wills and Kate, commit Now !!!

February 20, 2011

Answering the Call

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If you are new to the Ceilidh world, you will perhaps be confused by the word “Caller”, these are the men, or women who explain the Dances, get you up out of your seat, away from ipod, iphone, ipad, kindle, pint of Foaming Mild, and actually enjoy yourself in a very human pre-digital way,ie make physical contact with other Human Beings .

We don’t have a single Caller, but we always use the best, and most suitable for your gig, a select few are our first “Go To’s” , and we respect them, and we know they’re pleased to be employed by us.

We get plenty of compliments from satisfied customers, but it’s nice to glean the facts that most if not all our favourite Callers think we are the most “Danceable” Bands to work with in the area, and that our website is the best. Without a good Caller, people won’t get up, and if the Music is infectious, they won’t sit down. Our Website lets you see and hear what you might expect, don’t trust those that don’t.

Seriously, if you re-book us on the strength of a previous success, we will try to get the same Caller back again.


January 19, 2011

OMG He’s at it Again

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As not the only lapsed Librarian in our Band I’m hearing about Libraries being closed, or run by volunteers ! Good old “Mega Society” NOT !!!

Perhaps as these Eton Boys strip civilisation back to Victorian Times, our Music will also be trendy again. Hey why stop there ??, do your own Surgery perhaps ?

We refer you to that Biblical snippet “The Lasbourer is worthy of his hire”. As with Librarians, we Musicians are often under appreciated, and underpaid, so keep the Philistines at bay, book our Band Now.

We are experiencing a run on Summer Weddings, so send in your deposits Now !!!


January 11, 2011

Happy New Year

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Hello again, I wish all, especially potential customers a Happy New Year.

Did your pipes burst in the Cold Snap ? Did you needto call a Plumber ? I bet you didn’t do it by price comparison.

I have said before, try getting five of them on a Saturday night !!. I can change a washer on a WC, could a plumber play a 32 Bar Slip Jig ?

When you book the Old School Band, you are getting over 20 years of experience of playing for Dancing.

The point is that any ad hoc Band of “Folk Musos” could play our Music, but that doesn’t make them Danceable, this takes a certain amount of experience to get the all important rhythms right.

So I think we can well justify our fees, and you can price compare all you like, but all Ceilidh Bands are different, there isn’t another, cheaper band like us out there.

If you can’t get us, a very good agency is “Jgs’n Reels”, we just received a request via Chris the owner from a customer who asked him for us by name, here’s what they said about us.

 had the band at my 50th birthday party 14yrs ago and people still remember it as one of the best parties they ever attended.

Now go away and Price Compare !!


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