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June 3, 2012


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Brrrr !!… We had our first taste of life under canvas for this season last night. We played for Cliviger’s Jubilee celebrations in a “Marquee”. The term might suggest something sheltering, but in fact this flimsy object which threatened to levitate in the howling pennine gale was a conduit for the biting wind.
My genes and nurture have furnished me with a protective layer of insulation, but poor Bob was turning Blue, and could hardly finger his Guitar. Cosima and her band of helpers did a wonderful job, and the evening was a great success, but I couldn’t help thinking that Base Camp on Everest would have been warmer.There was so much about the evening that was quintessentially British, and fitting such a Royal Occasion.
We next conquer Walmersley Golf Club high on the moors above Bury, fortunately in the Clubhouse, then we are back in the elements for Ribchester Festival on the 16th (memo to God :- please spare us your worst weather !) yes it’s another Marquee !
I’m still getting desperate pleas for Ceilidhs this month even, plus July and August, we really are up to our limit in this period. If you are surfing, make your mind up now about Autumn Spring and Summer, to avoid the disappointment I have to dish out on a WEEKLY BASIS,

April 29, 2012

Well we did warn you !

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We are a Semi-Pro Band, we have lives and Day Jobs, I’m a Guitar Teacher (plug). Some of us have partners….where is all this leading ? Well the fact is we are finding it difficult to cram any more gigs into this Summer, we will already be strained to the limit !.
This is a shame for those who are asking for dates in June, July, August, such is the demand, and it’s our reputation and people wanting repeat bookings, that is fuelling it.We aren’t just any Ceilidh Band, we have proven form.
So it’s with a certain triumphalism that I say again, book early ! All you perennial website surfers out there get clicking now, October onwards is a safe bet, we welcome January to March, after that weddings are already booking for May onwards. Do it, or be disappointed like the potential clients we are having to turn away.

March 24, 2012

Let’s blow our own trumpet

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I’ve just been reading a book about AC/DC, The legendary Rock Band, it’s easy to sneer at them, or Motorhead, or Status Quo, but what they deliver is straight ahead Rock and Roll Music, beautiful in its simplicity, and pure in its execution, changing little over the years, giving the fan exactly what he needs and loves, seemingly for life.There’s no reason to be ashamed of that ! Long may they reign.
Same as the Folk World, some think you are not a Ceilidh Band unless you have a Crwth, Serpent, or Hurdy Gurdy, knit your own yoghurt Fallout Shelters, and play the most abstruse of non tunes badly, but with impeccable cred.
Like our Rock friends, we drink from the fount of life, which is Rhythm, a danceable beat, a solid ensemble which actually Rocks !
We’ve been at it nearly as long as some of the above Bands, and we are as busy as we have ever been, because we believe in what we do, and enjoy seeing people getting up and moving to the beat.
You may be paying for an ad hoc Band of Folk Musos who have never played together before, they could all be virtuosos, but they might not move you from your table to Dance Floor.
You might want to price compare, no two Ceilidh Bands are alike. If you wanted Oasis, you might get Blur.
Our Formula works, now is the time to book your Late Autumn, or next year’s party with the Old School Band.


February 29, 2012

Public Ceilidh

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If I was a keen fell walker, I would live somewhere like Millom, which has excellent access, and property is affordable. A lot of nice people have relocated there to escape the Rat Race.
On Friday 9nth March we are doing a Family Ceilidh at Millom School, Salthouse rd LA18 5AB, Tickets are £7.00 including Pie Supper.
The phone no. is 01229 772300, you can book via Val at sttowndroww@millom.sch.uk.
Why not finish a day in the Lakes with an Old School Band Ceilidh ?

January 29, 2012

Sunday Teatime

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Thank God for Sunday Teatime, some of us eagerly anticipate going back to work, some are already getting that sinking feeling ahead of the “Monday Morning Blues”.
I must admit, I’m of the former persuasion, even in the days when I didn’t enjoy my job.For our Band website, which you the potential customer are browsing at this moment, the time to strike appears to be Sunday Teatime. I can vouch we’ve had a couple of them this Sunday.
Brilliant, I’m primed and ready to reply. Sad to say, we are having to turn down a lot because we are already booked !
Please don’t ask for last week in July, first week August as we cannot do them. If you want the best get in early, or be disappointed. If you’re reading this, don’t prevaricate (posh word for delay) act now, or you may be too late !

December 21, 2011

Season’s Greatings

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Phew ! There were times when I didn’t think we’d make it ! A good gig out front often masks sheer panic behind the scenes, now we can kick back for a few weeks before good “Auld” Rabbie Burns calls the Band Back into action.

You’ve got to admire the Scots, they have three reasons to “celebrate”,   Xmas, Hogmanay, and Burns night , without the latter our January schedule would be a bit thin.

February is a cruel month, and I think we could do with another festival, something Primal with fire and suchlike, if you can think of an excuse get in touch as we could do with a reason to get you up to boogie.

As always, Spring and Summer Months are looking very healthy, so get in now before we are booked up.

With that I wish you all a merry Winter Solstice,



November 27, 2011

Titanic Times

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It seems the Titanic never goes away, there’s a new series coming out on TV. My 30′s Guitar Hero Blind Willie Jorhnson thought, like many Contemporary Evangelists that the disaster was God’s revenge on the Rich and Corrupt.

There is the scene on that Hollywood Blockbuster where Leonard DeCaprio lures Kate Winslett down to steerage where the proles are having a Ceilidh. The tune was “John Ryan’s Polka*, which is in our repertoire. To be fair this scene hasn’t done Ceilidh Bands any harm.

Then there’s the central legend of the ship’s Band (surely not a Ceilidh Band) bravely playing whilst the Ship sank.

So here we are fiddling away while the Ship of State sails to economic disaster piloted by a couple of Eton educated Oxford Bullington Club twerps. What should you do before we sink ?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Book the Old School Band for a Ceilidh.

September 28, 2011

Pudding overregged?

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If you are planning “The Happiest Day of Your Life”, take a tip from Phil, your happiness chef.

Of course you want everything to go as in your dreams.the ceremony is good, The weather is fine, the photos go well, the meal starts on time, the speeches are brief, the venue empties, staff like miniature ants prepare the Dance Floor in minutes, the Ceilidh Band zoom into action, the buffet (thanks Gordon) ends, and on the first burp of a satisfied eater, the DJ launches into “Brown Eyed Girl”

Wake up dearie, your dream is over, the real world is nothing like this, and we’ve seen a few distraught brides throwing wobblers, I won’t mention any names here ! Phil’s recipe is different, don’t overegg the pudding ! It might be best to not try to include too much, do you need a Disco as well as a Ceilidh?

,When things are running late, we all have to wait around, some times for hours. The DJ, seeing his time slot shrinking, gets restless, and frustrated, he upsets the band by roaring straight into his set at full volume whilst we’re trying to break our rig down, even though he promised not to.

I could give you more horror stories, but my remedy is choose us or a disco, or if you have both, have a Toastmaster, or at least a friend to make sure things run smoothly, and on time. Above all get real, we have a wealth of experience, ring Bob or Dave, or Email me for free advice.

Here’s to your “Happiest Day”, hope we see you there.


September 19, 2011

next year

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I apologise to my reader(s) for not posting anything for a month, sorry Rog,We have been really busy through the Summer with lots of weddings. Our appraisals column has had a lot of feedback from satisfied clients, Just one or two more weddings and we’re into a quieter period.
Next May, June. July and August are looking good already, which means if you’re considering your next Summer’s Function, start booking us now !
We have plenty of spaces in January, February and March, good for Birthdays or PTA’S. We’d like to get a few on our books, so try us now, you might get a good deal!

August 14, 2011

In Praise (or otherwise) of DeeJays

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Once upon a time battles were fought upon our soil by RoundHeads and Cavaliers, nowadays the Hallowed Turf in Question is Stage space, the protagonists, Discos and Bands.
Of course the Musicians are the aristocracy, and hold the traditional right to entertain, having worked hard to actually be good enough perfformers to actually earn money doing it. The pretenders are Dee Jays who seem to think a line in vapid mindless chat and a Sound System of Armageddon proportions somehow gives them a right to dominate any proceedings. Once these behemoths are empowered,there is no stopping them, no one can think, never mind hear. Modern Technology means that a Vauxhall Corsa full of DJ Gear can stupefy a room of people, cause brain damage, shift the foundations whilst simultaneosly blinding everyone with their Light show. All this is done to the tune of “Dancing Queen” or other such pap !
Many times we retreat having entertained the public to this cacophony, trying to get out of range as fast as we can.
No live Band has ever managed to claim space for their stuff before a DJ, I’m convinced they camp outside ready to pile in with their gear.
Also there is only a single DJ, but he wants more space than five entertainers, and generally. seems to have some kind of hold on the Hotel Management uttering threats like “You’l never work here again” should you cross him. All in all a scary situation.
Meanwhile we in the Old School Band will keep up the fight for Civilised Live Entertainment at sensible Sound Levels for the nice people who are so kind to book us for a Ceilidh.

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