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May 12, 2013

First Cuckoo

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When I were a lad, there was a contest to inform the letters page of the (Pre Murdoch) “Times” that the gentleman had heard the first cuckoo ! Well the old school Band equivalent is the first Summer wedding of 2014.
Yet again things will be tight, and I guarantee that by next Spring you will be too late, so be wise and book now !
At the end of the month, our Dave’s daughter is getting married at Samlesbury Hall, we are of course providing the Ceilidh. The more observant of you may have noticed that I can , which I will be doing for Anna,.also play solo Guitar at a ceremony, or a wedding breakfast.
I would be delighted to do this for your ceremony also. From Elizabethan to pops via Light Classical and Jazz, after over 40 years of experience, I can supply just about any appropriate style of tasteful acoustic Solo Guitar Music..If you visit my website philarmitageguitartutor.co.uk, you will find more information.

February 21, 2013

No Go in August

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I am sorry to say it, but we cannot do the last two weeks in August, or the first weekend in September. This happens every year, but the Pull of Festivals and holidays is particularly strong this year. Personally, I would rather die than spend a week at one, but that’s my loss I suppose.
Reading people’s requests for us to do their wedding, because we did their best friends, or favourite relations’s function frustrates and disappoints me. I can suggest alternative Bands, I’m not saying we are better, but we are certainly different to them. We are happy to do any form of Celebration, so you could always book us in Autumn or Spring for an extra do after your actual wedding. It would work out cheaper too ! So, don’t even ask ! August is not possible.

December 8, 2012


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Christmas, don’t ya just love it ! The free plugs for Walt Disney, white bearded Kenny Roger lookalike old men all over the Box (No, not you Roger ), cute freckle faced American Kids, Turkey and Sprouts, yuk !

Please dig me a CAVE in a high mountain away from the sound of that ditty serially played from mid June, I refer to Slade’s magnum opus, imaginatively named “Merry Christmas”.

Last year I only watched that wonderful French movie “The Red Balloon”, and I love “The Snowman”, what kid has imagination nowadays ?!

The Snowman takes the kid to where the Snowmen are having what looks like a Ceilidh ! what better for sheer exultation in the rhythm of life ?

We have done a couple of gigs lately where everyone has really got into the occasion, suspended disbelief and had a really good time.

Why not allow the Old School Band to make it happen for you ?

A £25.00 deposit would secure a date for you.


October 24, 2012

More Good Work

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Good News ! If you want to see us in action before deciding to book us for your wedding or function we are at Barley Village Hall Pendle for the Charity Derian House Children’s Hospice on 14th December.
What a beautiful setting, we are looking forward to this one ! Tickets are £10.00, for details contact Gemma McCaigue on 01282 866397, or xmasballe@hotmail.co.uk.

PS I nearly forgot ! Surely the culmination of a great year would be to see in the New Year at Samlesbury Hall. There is a meal followed by a Ceilidh by the Old School Band, hey, that’s us ! not worthy as they say ! check out their website for details, this should sell out fast.

September 30, 2012

More of the Same

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We did the gig for charity at Grimsargh last week ; they all enjoyed it and thanked us. Now we learn of another Charity Ceilidh open to all at Chorley Cricket Club, Sandringham rd, Chorley, from 8.00 until 11.30 pm on Saturday 13th October.

This is for the Water Aid charity, tickets are £8.00 including supper,

Contact Peter Snape on 01257 233467, or 07831 311028. As well as playing Melodeon in our Band, and his wife Barbara calling for us on many occasions, they also have a duo who perform at Festivals and Folk Clubs.

The Old School Band are having the night off, the Band for the evening is called the ^Ever Ready Band,” What imagination we have when thinking up a Band Name !


September 13, 2012

For a Good Cause

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Hi there,

All you surfers have got the chance of seeing The Old School Band in an excellent venue, namely Grimsargh Village Hall. We rarely do anything other than private functions, so you can check us out in action. Roger, our readership of one, Bon viveur and wit, is calling in his inimitable fashion definitely not one to miss !

Here are the details from Susan Spall:-

This is in aid of Royal Preston Hospital, tickets are available, can you shift any ? it needs a nudge. Her’s the gen.

Barn dance is being held at Grimsagh Village Hall, 22nd September 2012, 7pm to 11.30 pm,to raise money towards a new operating table to aid in bowel cancer services at Royal Preston Hospital.
Tickets are £15 per person to include a hotpot supper, children welcome £10 and they get hotdogs etc.
More information and tickets contact Sue Spall at 01772 724699 or susanspall.preston@gmail.com.

August 26, 2012

How Loud is Loud ?

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Do you want your wedding reception to be deafeningly loud ?

I have already gone on about Dee Jays in this section. On Saturday, we met an “Old Friend^, Howard Rudge, Toastmaster extraordinaire, whom we’ve seen at many a Samlesbury Hall wedding, and book him if you want your day to run without a hitch, by the way !

Conversation turned to Music, and Howard said that a lot of young function Bands of the Pop variety are also very loud, so loud he has to threaten them. Their attitude is arrogant as well, Howard says.

I spent a few years teaching instrumental skills on a College Popular Music Course, so I know how exactly Loud is Loud !

We have a powerful Bose Sound System, but our aim is to project the clean natural sounds of mainly acoustic Instruments.

Even Electric Guitar and Bass are not given any boost. We aren’t playing Iron Maiden Covers, but we set the sound loud enough to be heard, but not to destroy conversation and atmosphere.

I’m all for Live Music of any sort, but I suspect the Long Standing Function Bands have the same attitude as us, a case of Buyer Beware I fear.

PS not too many years ago, the odd person would come up and politely ask us to turn the volume down a little, have all these people given up in the face of Dee Jays massive onslaught ?

August 19, 2012

blatant self advertisement

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So, you’ve put up with my blogs, so what’s my game ? Well I’ve been holding down the Rhythm part of this band for many years ! I do believe some members feel it beneath their dignity to stoop so low, but Ha Ha, without that solid beat, we would have folded years ago !
As i said, we have almost become Pro Musicians this month with the number of gigs.
Our last for the month is a wedding at Bilsborough, now if you have perused our website carefully, you may notice I offer solo Romantic Guitar for Civil Ceremonies, or during the Wedding Breakfast, which is what I shall be doing on Friday afternoon. You are welcome to include this in your wedding package, for a little extra charge.
I think I can say i am qualified, after teaching Guitar professionally for many years now. I am at the moment working with Mik, of the excellent Media Minx, who did our website, to have my own site linked in so that I have a higher profile.
Finally, it’s always nice to get requests like Today’s, where we played at a Wedding 10 years ago, and they want us for their Anniversary.

August 11, 2012

Hello Surfers

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Our readership of one (Hey Roger) complained that I hadn’t done a Blog for a while, so here goes …We are in the middle of a Threesome at the moment. Roger called for us at the Villa in Wrea Green, a storming success with a fantastic wedding party, one of the best this year despite the fact we had to use their weird Sound System. It seems that if you are rich enough to live in Wrea Green, as a nimby neighbour, you can scare a big Hotel into submission over noise abatement. Here in New Hall Lane we even have the Police Helicopter every other night trying to quell looting and Riots on the local Sink Estate.
Last night we were in Ulverston, doing an old fashioned birthday bash for a spry Old Lady of 80. Tonight we negotiate the A490 again to Hawkshead for a wedding Ceilidh at Belmount House, once the property of Beatrix Potter, now National Trust, we’ve never done a bad gig there !
So, we are busy, and expect to be so this time next year,
Unfortunately the Folk World is as far removed from the world of commerce as you can get. Exactly at the moment requests flood in for Weddings, the peak of demand in fact, the bearded and sandalled ones polish up their pewter tankards and head off like Lemmings to a sort of Musical Groundhog day called a Folk Festival. This leaves people like me having to turn down gigs right left and centre because we cannot get the staff.
What I am saying is if you want us next Summer strike now or be very disappointed. I have had to turn down at least six gigs this August;. I’m sorry about this fact, but this situation will never change; in fact if you haven’t got your venue booked check us out first, and we can get a Caller and a Band together, I assure that by next June you will have no chance.

June 27, 2012

In Which We Conquer the Weather (and Wales)

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It’s patriotism time…What’s so wonderful about we British (cue Martial Music) is that we are intrepid.We sail around the world single handedly climb the highest peaks, die futilely in the Antarctic just to show the Nordic Races what proper form is…hold outdoor festivals in June…
So our mission was to rescue Ribchester Field day. All day it had rained without pause or mercy, most people stayed at home , so it was down to us to rescue things with the evening Ceilidh !
Well I can honestly say it was a huge success, and well supported by a crowd hungry for some entertainment. Our thanks to Alison, our Caller for the evening, doing a great job as ever !
We went on next weekend to “Terra Australis Incognito” (Wales) to do a wedding in Mold, a great evening, even the DJ was nice !!!
If you are reading this thinking to book us, we can do within a 75 mile radius of Preston. Feedback from Ribchester has lead to another enquiry for Wales. We obviously need to charge more for longer distances, but if the price is right we are up for it !

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