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August 11, 2010

Where have we Been ?

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I know cynics out there (Hello Rog) think no news is because we’re “doing nowt”, but it’s not true, we’re on our usual round of End of Term, Weddings Cultural Exchanges etc, This Saturday we’re in a Marquee on a Scout Camp for a wedding, cool huh ? well you can guarantee when we do a “Tent” God lets rip with a hurricane ! Ah the joys of an English Summer !!!!


PS we’ve had to tell a lot of people that we’re already booked on the date required, this can be a big disappointment if we played at your sister’s wedding, or your own wedding 10 years ago, Remedy :- BOOK EARLY, Ideally you should book NOW for Summer 2011, I know the future,s uncertain financially , but you can book your cake a bit later and get in touch with us now !!!

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