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January 22, 2015

Are You Covered ?

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Although we are by definition a “Semi- Professional” outfit, we like to think we deal with bookings in a totally professional manner. This is not the Case with all Bands, I can’t say who was at fault, but we recently had a desperate plea from a client who claimed they were “let down” by another Band, and at very short notice !
Well, there are two sides to any story, and on the other hand, we have found that once upon a time clients, particularly those who were about to get married would book a bunch of Bands, then go see them, and choose one, sacking the others ! If you have worked in salaried employ (I did for 25 years) money comes at the end of the month no matter what.. If you are freelance it’s “no play, no pay”. This is not good if you have a mortgage and so on.
For reassurance all round, we have a list of future bookings which all Band Members have, and we regularly liaise with our Callers to make sure their diaries are up to date. I think we have sorted out rogue bookings by asking for a deposit to be paid, and sending a receipt which is a contract between Band and Client.
As I said, we are Semi Pro, but there is a lot to lose in reputation if you don’t take this Game seriously, let me assure all future clients that this Band do.

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