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June 1, 2014

Son of Disco rides again

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Our star reader Roger requested another blog on the gig last night. Well I certainly change the message more often than he changes jokes, boom boom !
My ;last rant (for lo that’s what it was !) was about Bad Discos, now let’s do bad Ceilidh Bands ! We don’t like them either ! what happens is that we are recommended to a prospective customer, but we can’t do it, or maybe they think they can get a cheaper Old School Band, It happens ! The Band they get is so bad that they kill the fatted goose for all of us, and the great tradition is tainted.
A bunch of ad hoc Folkies thrown together to make a fast buck won’t make it. A bunch of self regarding virtuosos won’t make it either. So what’s the difference ? well we, and a few others have been at it for years, we know what to play, and when, and we produce a certain quality which makes for a great dancing experience.
It is hard to define what that quality is. in Jazz it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing. A good pop band rocks, the best definition of what a good Ceilidh Band plays with is “lift” , you want to get up and dance and enjoy yourself.
In business a lot of store is put into Brand Names, and corporate firms will buy each other out just to get one.
So ladies and Gentlemen we are a Ceilidh Band Brand, and we play with lift. plus we only use the Best Sound System and Callers of course, even Roger sometime.

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