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October 27, 2013

Same “stuff” different year

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Yes “They” have put the clock back, the cheap supermarkets are selling Halloween Costumes so the poor can dress their hyperactive kids like Mass murderers to terrorise pensioners who live alone. The dreaded Slade Magnum Opus “Merry Christmas” is lurking in the aisles ready to aurally mug shoppers in every Supermarket, oh yes and mother nature is buffeting those effete Southerners with a hurricane ! So what’s not to like ???
How about a Ceilidh ? that’ll cheer us up.; we are at one open to the public in Edgeworth on 23rd November, details to come shortly. Don’t forget we are also at Samlesbury Hall on New Year’s Eve.
We were in Marple at an anniversary Party last night. The host pointed out something that we often don’t shout about ; modesty forbids me to say that we are the best Ceilidh band around, but we have the best Sound System. Our classic Bose system far outclasses the miserable, weedy excuses for a P A system fielded by other Bands, you pay your money, you take your choice !

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