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August 26, 2012

How Loud is Loud ?

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Do you want your wedding reception to be deafeningly loud ?

I have already gone on about Dee Jays in this section. On Saturday, we met an “Old Friend^, Howard Rudge, Toastmaster extraordinaire, whom we’ve seen at many a Samlesbury Hall wedding, and book him if you want your day to run without a hitch, by the way !

Conversation turned to Music, and Howard said that a lot of young function Bands of the Pop variety are also very loud, so loud he has to threaten them. Their attitude is arrogant as well, Howard says.

I spent a few years teaching instrumental skills on a College Popular Music Course, so I know how exactly Loud is Loud !

We have a powerful Bose Sound System, but our aim is to project the clean natural sounds of mainly acoustic Instruments.

Even Electric Guitar and Bass are not given any boost. We aren’t playing Iron Maiden Covers, but we set the sound loud enough to be heard, but not to destroy conversation and atmosphere.

I’m all for Live Music of any sort, but I suspect the Long Standing Function Bands have the same attitude as us, a case of Buyer Beware I fear.

PS not too many years ago, the odd person would come up and politely ask us to turn the volume down a little, have all these people given up in the face of Dee Jays massive onslaught ?

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