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August 11, 2012

Hello Surfers

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Our readership of one (Hey Roger) complained that I hadn’t done a Blog for a while, so here goes …We are in the middle of a Threesome at the moment. Roger called for us at the Villa in Wrea Green, a storming success with a fantastic wedding party, one of the best this year despite the fact we had to use their weird Sound System. It seems that if you are rich enough to live in Wrea Green, as a nimby neighbour, you can scare a big Hotel into submission over noise abatement. Here in New Hall Lane we even have the Police Helicopter every other night trying to quell looting and Riots on the local Sink Estate.
Last night we were in Ulverston, doing an old fashioned birthday bash for a spry Old Lady of 80. Tonight we negotiate the A490 again to Hawkshead for a wedding Ceilidh at Belmount House, once the property of Beatrix Potter, now National Trust, we’ve never done a bad gig there !
So, we are busy, and expect to be so this time next year,
Unfortunately the Folk World is as far removed from the world of commerce as you can get. Exactly at the moment requests flood in for Weddings, the peak of demand in fact, the bearded and sandalled ones polish up their pewter tankards and head off like Lemmings to a sort of Musical Groundhog day called a Folk Festival. This leaves people like me having to turn down gigs right left and centre because we cannot get the staff.
What I am saying is if you want us next Summer strike now or be very disappointed. I have had to turn down at least six gigs this August;. I’m sorry about this fact, but this situation will never change; in fact if you haven’t got your venue booked check us out first, and we can get a Caller and a Band together, I assure that by next June you will have no chance.

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