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November 30, 2014

Christmas Greetings

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Well here we are again, anybody who reads these blogs (Roger ?) knows I’m a Comet Guy, rather than a God one (ah but did he put the water and virus on the Comet that caused life on our Planet, but why did he wait Millions of years to create Nigel Farage ?).

So anyway, gigs are scarce between now and January as they normally are, but I shall be putting my feet up and reading Richard Dawkins autobiography, trying to relax, because gigs are backing up through to April, and June is coming alive too, so book early for Spring and early summer, or you may be disappointed.
Anyway, season’s greetings to all those who bother with this blog,
PS One of our special callers “professional Lanky” Sid Calderbank has just been on BBC’s “Countryfile” speaking dialect poetry, gradely lad, gradely.