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September 25, 2014

More Naked Self Advertisement

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It behoves me to sit at the tiller of the “Vessel, Old School Band” and steer it towards the horizon avoiding rocks like our inability to take up many opportunities to do weddings in August because of the rest of our crew’s fetish for bad Folk Festivals. What treasures we do forsake !!
Anyway, to my blog theme for real. The more perceptive may have noticed that I am a professional tutor of fretted instruments, and could give you lessons ! I am based in Preston at philarmitageguitartutor.com, I am available at any of our gigs to play Solo Guitar at the wedding breakfast or Civil Ceremony. If you also have any dinners or functions that would benefit from tasteful ambient Live Music, get in touch.And even better,unlike this Band, I’m actually available in August !!