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August 29, 2014

August Die She Must

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The above line from a children’s rhyme ( another Paul Simon ripoff), can describe my mood after this month.
Last year about this time I advised customers to book early for August, This produced an absolute nightmare of trying to get a Band who were either on holiday, or at a Festival, or helping on another project, to fulfil obligations.
I’m pleased to say we did it, but only just, and we had to cancel one booking. For 2015, I am going to regretfully take the opposite tack and not commit to a gig in August, or the last week in July until I know what the rest of the Band, and our usual Callers are up to. There will be no Fylde Folk Festival next year, but rumours are that something else will take its place, meaning some of our number will be there, so in this sort of scenario, I am going to avoid a long term commitment.