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July 20, 2014

Reeling in the years

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Last night we did the gig of the Summer ! There’s always one where everything comes together. We were in a TIpI (sic) at Wyresdale Park near Scorton, a pretty village near the A6, but far removed, and in a sort of Manor house converted to a venue, check out their website,

. There had been thunderstorms and Lightning forecast, but other than a little light rain we escaped our usual bad weather curse which applies whenever we do a Marquee. Still, what better way to go than to die a Rock ‘n Roll death struck by lightning on stage ! Thanks too to Alison, our Canal Barge dwelling Caller supreme who did a great job.

The other great feeling I got yesterday was when we got a request to do the Silver Wedding of a couple who used the Old School Band for their wedding Ceilidh at Ince Town Hall 25 years ago. She is hoping to book the same venue again, a real nostalgia trip in the making.

Other Ceilidh Bands sometimes ask us for our secret. Simple, we have been at it for more years than I like to think about (we really must learn some new tunes ! ), but people also remember us, and will re book on the strength of what fun they had with us in the past.