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May 12, 2014

Mo’ Disco

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As part of our services to humanity, we are quite often privileged to share the stage with a Disco. I think post Saville, nobody has much of an image of moral rectitude, but aside from the nationally known DJ’s I’m sure they are as moral as the next guy, this isn’t our concern anyway.
What concerns us as a Band is that these guys can kill an atmosphere stone dead in an instant. One of them once played “It’s Over” by Roy Orbison as first record at a wedding reception, another offered the Soul Classic “Don’t You Feel like Cryin’” again in similar circumstances.
We have chosen our Sound System to accurately reproduce the sound of Musical Instruments without distortion. They bolster up the volume to genuinely hurtful levels with no attention to E Q, so the Bass and treble are just excruciating.
A mild mannered cheery Soul of a man who chats to us before the gig suddenly galvanises into a raving maniac shouting “Perty Party Party” or other such verbiage.
Do we need such people, do they listen to reason, ask yourself this if you feel you need a Disco and a Ceilidh Band. I occasionally get asked if I can recommend a good Disco, I recently lost us a gig by replying that “GOOD” and “Disco” seem to be poles apart