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March 16, 2014

Boogie Chillen

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I spent last weekend with an old friend over from the States. When we were teenagers, we’d sit in his front room trying to figure out John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed Licks, just as Keith Richards, Eric Clapton et alia had done a few years earlier. One that totally baffled us was called “Boogie Chillen”. About ten years ago, I finally found out it was played with one finger in open G tuning. Anyway we played it at Max’s Blues Club at the Robert Gillow in Lancaster,
Wot’s all this to do with Ceiidhs ? Well this week, some of our band, and star reader of this Column, Tatooed Bon Viveur, and wit, Roger, did our first demo of Dance and Music at Pear Tree Special School in Kirkham. It proved to me yet again that Music, Rhythm and Dance can break down all barriers. I always look towards the youngest children and watch them move to the Music, and especially the rhythm. Older people have preconceptions and prejudices, which tell them what is good or bad, children don’t. Whether it’s a Boogie, or a Slip Jig, if I can see young children, or special people moving to our Music, I will always feel good inside. Thanks also to Anna for making this special event happen, and to my old friend Jeff for rekindling a lot of special memories.
PS we are now looking for gigs in October/November