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July 21, 2013

Trust us, we’re Musicians

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We all know someone who always haggles his way to a good deal, he or she probably reads “Which” and has a picture of that bald guy on BBC2 consumer programs on their desk. Good luck to them I say if they are fighting the Banks and the big impersonal companies, but Ceilidh Bands ? Now you are getting personal.
With our system of deposits, we can avoid problems of the past where a client might book several Bands for the same date, then audition them all but just choosing one.
I know, because I did it myself that if you work for a Salary, you get paid monthly, and there is no correlation with the work you do.
If you are a Musician, your source of income is your gig, so messing with this skews your whole subsistence, to put it bluntly, no play, no pay. So it irks us to find that a gig is cancelled or deferred because it has been passed on to another Band.
Although there is a healthy rivalry amongst Bands, I don’t think any of us would be happy “stealing” a gig from under the nose of our colleagues. By the same token, we don’t like to hear of Price matching, or changing Bands, it might be good to shaft those wicked Bankers, but pity the poor musician trying to earn an honest crust, it might save a few bob, but if we get wind of it word soon spreads among the Community about your dealings .It’s useless anyway, because no two bands are Musically identical, so Price matching does not apply.
Also, if we are trying to organise a Band for a gig and crave your indulgence whilst we do it, it is only fair to wait , not to get another Band.. I can assert that if we were that Band and knew what was happening, we would not accept the gig.