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December 8, 2012


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Christmas, don’t ya just love it ! The free plugs for Walt Disney, white bearded Kenny Roger lookalike old men all over the Box (No, not you Roger ), cute freckle faced American Kids, Turkey and Sprouts, yuk !

Please dig me a CAVE in a high mountain away from the sound of that ditty serially played from mid June, I refer to Slade’s magnum opus, imaginatively named “Merry Christmas”.

Last year I only watched that wonderful French movie “The Red Balloon”, and I love “The Snowman”, what kid has imagination nowadays ?!

The Snowman takes the kid to where the Snowmen are having what looks like a Ceilidh ! what better for sheer exultation in the rhythm of life ?

We have done a couple of gigs lately where everyone has really got into the occasion, suspended disbelief and had a really good time.

Why not allow the Old School Band to make it happen for you ?

A £25.00 deposit would secure a date for you.