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June 27, 2012

In Which We Conquer the Weather (and Wales)

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It’s patriotism time…What’s so wonderful about we British (cue Martial Music) is that we are intrepid.We sail around the world single handedly climb the highest peaks, die futilely in the Antarctic just to show the Nordic Races what proper form is…hold outdoor festivals in June…
So our mission was to rescue Ribchester Field day. All day it had rained without pause or mercy, most people stayed at home , so it was down to us to rescue things with the evening Ceilidh !
Well I can honestly say it was a huge success, and well supported by a crowd hungry for some entertainment. Our thanks to Alison, our Caller for the evening, doing a great job as ever !
We went on next weekend to “Terra Australis Incognito” (Wales) to do a wedding in Mold, a great evening, even the DJ was nice !!!
If you are reading this thinking to book us, we can do within a 75 mile radius of Preston. Feedback from Ribchester has lead to another enquiry for Wales. We obviously need to charge more for longer distances, but if the price is right we are up for it !

June 3, 2012


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Brrrr !!… We had our first taste of life under canvas for this season last night. We played for Cliviger’s Jubilee celebrations in a “Marquee”. The term might suggest something sheltering, but in fact this flimsy object which threatened to levitate in the howling pennine gale was a conduit for the biting wind.
My genes and nurture have furnished me with a protective layer of insulation, but poor Bob was turning Blue, and could hardly finger his Guitar. Cosima and her band of helpers did a wonderful job, and the evening was a great success, but I couldn’t help thinking that Base Camp on Everest would have been warmer.There was so much about the evening that was quintessentially British, and fitting such a Royal Occasion.
We next conquer Walmersley Golf Club high on the moors above Bury, fortunately in the Clubhouse, then we are back in the elements for Ribchester Festival on the 16th (memo to God :- please spare us your worst weather !) yes it’s another Marquee !
I’m still getting desperate pleas for Ceilidhs this month even, plus July and August, we really are up to our limit in this period. If you are surfing, make your mind up now about Autumn Spring and Summer, to avoid the disappointment I have to dish out on a WEEKLY BASIS,