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April 29, 2012

Well we did warn you !

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We are a Semi-Pro Band, we have lives and Day Jobs, I’m a Guitar Teacher (plug). Some of us have partners….where is all this leading ? Well the fact is we are finding it difficult to cram any more gigs into this Summer, we will already be strained to the limit !.
This is a shame for those who are asking for dates in June, July, August, such is the demand, and it’s our reputation and people wanting repeat bookings, that is fuelling it.We aren’t just any Ceilidh Band, we have proven form.
So it’s with a certain triumphalism that I say again, book early ! All you perennial website surfers out there get clicking now, October onwards is a safe bet, we welcome January to March, after that weddings are already booking for May onwards. Do it, or be disappointed like the potential clients we are having to turn away.