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March 24, 2012

Let’s blow our own trumpet

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I’ve just been reading a book about AC/DC, The legendary Rock Band, it’s easy to sneer at them, or Motorhead, or Status Quo, but what they deliver is straight ahead Rock and Roll Music, beautiful in its simplicity, and pure in its execution, changing little over the years, giving the fan exactly what he needs and loves, seemingly for life.There’s no reason to be ashamed of that ! Long may they reign.
Same as the Folk World, some think you are not a Ceilidh Band unless you have a Crwth, Serpent, or Hurdy Gurdy, knit your own yoghurt Fallout Shelters, and play the most abstruse of non tunes badly, but with impeccable cred.
Like our Rock friends, we drink from the fount of life, which is Rhythm, a danceable beat, a solid ensemble which actually Rocks !
We’ve been at it nearly as long as some of the above Bands, and we are as busy as we have ever been, because we believe in what we do, and enjoy seeing people getting up and moving to the beat.
You may be paying for an ad hoc Band of Folk Musos who have never played together before, they could all be virtuosos, but they might not move you from your table to Dance Floor.
You might want to price compare, no two Ceilidh Bands are alike. If you wanted Oasis, you might get Blur.
Our Formula works, now is the time to book your Late Autumn, or next year’s party with the Old School Band.