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January 29, 2012

Sunday Teatime

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Thank God for Sunday Teatime, some of us eagerly anticipate going back to work, some are already getting that sinking feeling ahead of the “Monday Morning Blues”.
I must admit, I’m of the former persuasion, even in the days when I didn’t enjoy my job.For our Band website, which you the potential customer are browsing at this moment, the time to strike appears to be Sunday Teatime. I can vouch we’ve had a couple of them this Sunday.
Brilliant, I’m primed and ready to reply. Sad to say, we are having to turn down a lot because we are already booked !
Please don’t ask for last week in July, first week August as we cannot do them. If you want the best get in early, or be disappointed. If you’re reading this, don’t prevaricate (posh word for delay) act now, or you may be too late !