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November 27, 2011

Titanic Times

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It seems the Titanic never goes away, there’s a new series coming out on TV. My 30′s Guitar Hero Blind Willie Jorhnson thought, like many Contemporary Evangelists that the disaster was God’s revenge on the Rich and Corrupt.

There is the scene on that Hollywood Blockbuster where Leonard DeCaprio lures Kate Winslett down to steerage where the proles are having a Ceilidh. The tune was “John Ryan’s Polka*, which is in our repertoire. To be fair this scene hasn’t done Ceilidh Bands any harm.

Then there’s the central legend of the ship’s Band (surely not a Ceilidh Band) bravely playing whilst the Ship sank.

So here we are fiddling away while the Ship of State sails to economic disaster piloted by a couple of Eton educated Oxford Bullington Club twerps. What should you do before we sink ?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Book the Old School Band for a Ceilidh.