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September 28, 2011

Pudding overregged?

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If you are planning “The Happiest Day of Your Life”, take a tip from Phil, your happiness chef.

Of course you want everything to go as in your dreams.the ceremony is good, The weather is fine, the photos go well, the meal starts on time, the speeches are brief, the venue empties, staff like miniature ants prepare the Dance Floor in minutes, the Ceilidh Band zoom into action, the buffet (thanks Gordon) ends, and on the first burp of a satisfied eater, the DJ launches into “Brown Eyed Girl”

Wake up dearie, your dream is over, the real world is nothing like this, and we’ve seen a few distraught brides throwing wobblers, I won’t mention any names here ! Phil’s recipe is different, don’t overegg the pudding ! It might be best to not try to include too much, do you need a Disco as well as a Ceilidh?

,When things are running late, we all have to wait around, some times for hours. The DJ, seeing his time slot shrinking, gets restless, and frustrated, he upsets the band by roaring straight into his set at full volume whilst we’re trying to break our rig down, even though he promised not to.

I could give you more horror stories, but my remedy is choose us or a disco, or if you have both, have a Toastmaster, or at least a friend to make sure things run smoothly, and on time. Above all get real, we have a wealth of experience, ring Bob or Dave, or Email me for free advice.

Here’s to your “Happiest Day”, hope we see you there.


September 19, 2011

next year

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I apologise to my reader(s) for not posting anything for a month, sorry Rog,We have been really busy through the Summer with lots of weddings. Our appraisals column has had a lot of feedback from satisfied clients, Just one or two more weddings and we’re into a quieter period.
Next May, June. July and August are looking good already, which means if you’re considering your next Summer’s Function, start booking us now !
We have plenty of spaces in January, February and March, good for Birthdays or PTA’S. We’d like to get a few on our books, so try us now, you might get a good deal!