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August 14, 2011

In Praise (or otherwise) of DeeJays

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Once upon a time battles were fought upon our soil by RoundHeads and Cavaliers, nowadays the Hallowed Turf in Question is Stage space, the protagonists, Discos and Bands.
Of course the Musicians are the aristocracy, and hold the traditional right to entertain, having worked hard to actually be good enough perfformers to actually earn money doing it. The pretenders are Dee Jays who seem to think a line in vapid mindless chat and a Sound System of Armageddon proportions somehow gives them a right to dominate any proceedings. Once these behemoths are empowered,there is no stopping them, no one can think, never mind hear. Modern Technology means that a Vauxhall Corsa full of DJ Gear can stupefy a room of people, cause brain damage, shift the foundations whilst simultaneosly blinding everyone with their Light show. All this is done to the tune of “Dancing Queen” or other such pap !
Many times we retreat having entertained the public to this cacophony, trying to get out of range as fast as we can.
No live Band has ever managed to claim space for their stuff before a DJ, I’m convinced they camp outside ready to pile in with their gear.
Also there is only a single DJ, but he wants more space than five entertainers, and generally. seems to have some kind of hold on the Hotel Management uttering threats like “You’l never work here again” should you cross him. All in all a scary situation.
Meanwhile we in the Old School Band will keep up the fight for Civilised Live Entertainment at sensible Sound Levels for the nice people who are so kind to book us for a Ceilidh.