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April 23, 2011

More Musings (?!)

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That great Musician Sir Thomas Beecham once said “The English dislike Music, but they love the noise it makes”. This might explain how we manage to win the day on many a “difficult” booking by having a very powerful and focussed ensemble sound, courtesy of our state of the art Bose Public Address system, plus our playing skills honed over decades.

Let,s face it, not everyone likes traditional music, but belted out with finesse and style, most will concur that we “sound good”.

When it comes to microphones, we insist that all our Callers use ourUHF Radio mic. Cheaper ones can pick up Taxi channels with embarrasing effect and vice versa.

The first time we used our radio mic, we were at a Manchester Airport Hotel, all went well, with no signal leakage, or so I thought, till I looked in the sky and saw several Jumbo jets doing a “Dos y Do” (pronounced Dozy Doe in Chorley), only joking !!

Anyway we are near the Airport on Thursday night for a wedding Ceilidh, good,  I can  sleep through the Royal Wedding, next day and not have to work thanks to my Eton befrocked mate Dave.


April 2, 2011

Do We Sing, Do We Dance,Do a Disco ?

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This article could be summed up by one word ,,, No !!!,No !!! No !!!. We reckon,and user feedback has told us that our Website is well representativew of what we are.

Some people think we should croon a jolly Irish Ditty, play a few Black Sabbath Tunes, or Rock ‘N Roll, or do Riverdance, or be a DJ. No doubt all these talented sensitive Human Beings doing these wondrous things receive wonderful Mother Love, and some are good at what they do.

What they can’t do is play Ceilidh Music for Dancing, that’s what it says on the can, that’s what we do.

By all means book a Folk Band or Disco to follow us, but, in the words of that great twentieth Century Philosopher, Popeye the Sasilor man, We are what we are and that’s all that we are ‘Cos we#re the Old School Ceilidh Band, BEEP BEEP !!