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March 6, 2011

Going the Extra Mile

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If you are a nostalgia freak, try going down the old “A” roads like the A6, instead of the Motorway. That’s what we did last night to get to New Mills in Derbyshire

After the province of Hazel Grove, where the population appear to exist only on takeaway Pizzas, Burgers, Indian, Chinese and Chippies, the urban sprawl begins to peter out, and you rise toward the well- heeled environs of Disley,and then the Post-Industrial  destination of New Mills, with the spectacular Peak District just a few miles ahead.

We were booked for a 30th Birthday party, already we have received a lovely thankyou message from our satisfied customer.

If you try us, we might be prepared to travel that bit further to get to you.

We are ultimately a business (fortunately for you we aren’t Plumbers), so we will charge a little extra for Time and Travel, but we like an adventure, and you won’t be disappointed,so….. I know you are out there hovering….. get that enquiry in now !!!


PS we are already booking Weddings for 2012, so be like Wills and Kate, commit Now !!!