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February 20, 2011

Answering the Call

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If you are new to the Ceilidh world, you will perhaps be confused by the word “Caller”, these are the men, or women who explain the Dances, get you up out of your seat, away from ipod, iphone, ipad, kindle, pint of Foaming Mild, and actually enjoy yourself in a very human pre-digital way,ie make physical contact with other Human Beings .

We don’t have a single Caller, but we always use the best, and most suitable for your gig, a select few are our first “Go To’s” , and we respect them, and we know they’re pleased to be employed by us.

We get plenty of compliments from satisfied customers, but it’s nice to glean the facts that most if not all our favourite Callers think we are the most “Danceable” Bands to work with in the area, and that our website is the best. Without a good Caller, people won’t get up, and if the Music is infectious, they won’t sit down. Our Website lets you see and hear what you might expect, don’t trust those that don’t.

Seriously, if you re-book us on the strength of a previous success, we will try to get the same Caller back again.