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January 19, 2011

OMG He’s at it Again

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As not the only lapsed Librarian in our Band I’m hearing about Libraries being closed, or run by volunteers ! Good old “Mega Society” NOT !!!

Perhaps as these Eton Boys strip civilisation back to Victorian Times, our Music will also be trendy again. Hey why stop there ??, do your own Surgery perhaps ?

We refer you to that Biblical snippet “The Lasbourer is worthy of his hire”. As with Librarians, we Musicians are often under appreciated, and underpaid, so keep the Philistines at bay, book our Band Now.

We are experiencing a run on Summer Weddings, so send in your deposits Now !!!


January 11, 2011

Happy New Year

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Hello again, I wish all, especially potential customers a Happy New Year.

Did your pipes burst in the Cold Snap ? Did you needto call a Plumber ? I bet you didn’t do it by price comparison.

I have said before, try getting five of them on a Saturday night !!. I can change a washer on a WC, could a plumber play a 32 Bar Slip Jig ?

When you book the Old School Band, you are getting over 20 years of experience of playing for Dancing.

The point is that any ad hoc Band of “Folk Musos” could play our Music, but that doesn’t make them Danceable, this takes a certain amount of experience to get the all important rhythms right.

So I think we can well justify our fees, and you can price compare all you like, but all Ceilidh Bands are different, there isn’t another, cheaper band like us out there.

If you can’t get us, a very good agency is “Jgs’n Reels”, we just received a request via Chris the owner from a customer who asked him for us by name, here’s what they said about us.

 had the band at my 50th birthday party 14yrs ago and people still remember it as one of the best parties they ever attended.

Now go away and Price Compare !!