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November 17, 2010

Royalist Moi ?

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So you steam into the herd of fillies, cut yourself out a piece of breeding stock with perfect fetlocks, and away you go..

No, we’re not talking the well hung stallions guide to species survival, but Courtship and marriage for our Royals, it were good enough for “Big Ears”, with the Sloan Rangers, evidently good enough for Prince Wills and Middle Class Uni babes..

So where does our Band come into this ? Well any Uni north of Lancaster has regular Ceilidhs, much loved by students, and fondly remembered by graduates, we should know, we’ve done many wedding functions for them.

Also, I remember a Royal documentary where the Queen was bopping along to a Ceilidh, with the Tune “Davy Davy Nick Nack”. Hey Brenda, we can play that, give us the gig, after all it’s OUR dosh, not yours.

So if you’re planning your wedding, the only cool reception function in 2011 will be a Ceilidh, book now

Oh dear, I hope I don’t get beheaded for treason !!


November 9, 2010

Serious Note

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Alas, once upon a time a customer would phone us, and arrange a date, a transaction we could trust, mainly

.The old parlance for someone playing one band against another would be a “Timewaster”. We might even have compared notes on such people with other Bands in our Ceilidh Fraternity, We have a healthy rivalry, but we do coexist very well too.

Now it seems that due to the ease of traffic on the Internetr, several bands may be promised the  same business, only for at least one to be let down.

Don’t forget, we are giving up our weekends for little money to do your gig, try hiring 5 plumbers on a Saturday night !!

In order to protect ourselves, and to safeguard your bookings at the same time, we will only proceed on a booking gained via our Website when a deposit (non-refundable) has been received, a promise is no longer enough.

 Upon receiving your deposit, we will send a receipt which constitutes a binding contract with the Band. We regret having to do this, but needs must.