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October 24, 2010

Cosmic Revelations

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Woah, Heavy ! We’re the Old School Band, and we’ve just done a gig at The Old School in Croston ! So, just think “Old School, we’ve just done a gig there, we’re a Band”, so not only are we The Old School Band, …..oh never mind !!

Yes siree, it’s an Old Schoolhouse in the grounds of the Church in the Historic part of Croston, recently converted for functions, smallish, but excellent for small to middling functions,we loved it even though we had to go over a ricketty racketty bridge like the three Billy Goats Gruff (Remember Them ?) to get our gear in. But yet anotrher successful wedding gig for us.

If you want tickets for Sunday 31/10/10, you can go to  
 That’s all for now.


October 18, 2010

Scary Stuff

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Wot’s “Trick or Treat” all about ? It seems to me to be all about scaring old folk, and dressing up like a Mass Murderer, and as for recession, how come all the stores are full of elaborate costumes that can only be worn once, anyway, if you fancy it, we are doing a Halloween Ceilidh at the Horse and Bamboo, Waterfoot from 3.00 to 5.00pm, on Sunday 31st October, it’s for children mainly, and there is also scary storytelling, all are welcome.

Meanwhile we’ve been all over doing weddings and birthdays from Hindley to Troutbeck, and stages in between.