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May 16, 2010

Top of the World Ma !

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Wow ! what a view !

 We were in Affetside (where?) on the West Pennine Moors at the Pack Horse pub for a wedding function.

 Situated on top of a hill nearTottington, the panoramic views at the venue were spectacular, and what with real ales and homemade food we’d almost died and gone to heaven.

The locals must know what they’ve got because a paucity of signs meant some of us were circulating for half an hour trying to find the place, please sort it out pronto.

We’re in a Marquee in Nateby (near Garstang) on Saturday, so we are expecting gales blizzards and hurricanes, our usual fare when we’re in a tent,

I remember once in Whitewell……sorry, it’s back to the Old Folks Home for me now,