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May 8, 2016

All Souled Out !

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You probably couldn’t make it to our gig in Bolton on Friday night, so here’s a tip ..If you put in Old School Ceilidh Band on Facebook, there is a short clip of us in action ….
Firstly, what a brilliant venue All Souls Community Centre is. It’s an Old redundant Church, converted at great expense, and a lot of love to serve the area. Amy Llewellyn and the staff are working hard to , establish it as a centre par Excellence, and we are happy to return there any time. Funnily enough, Liz, our Caller for the evening’s father Sid Calderbank is giving a couple of talks there in the near future. Sid has also called for us many times, Wot a dynasty !
Finally, check out the video, notice that All the dancers are enjoying themselves, and the focus is on good Music, Great dances, no big Ego Trips, just exactly what you want from a great Ceilidh.

April 15, 2016

Barn Again

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It seems that we are now getting to do a few Weddings at the Tithebarn at Browsholme Hall in the heart of the Trough of Bowland. We liked it a lot, and the bridal couple Emailed us with many thanks.

We are there again next weekend, so we will keep you posted on how it goes.

A common request we get from prospective customers is “can we see you in action”, well, on Friday 6th May we are doing a “Traditional Ceilidh” at All Souls, Astley Street, Bolton Bl1 8EY, entry £6.00, open to all. You can contact them on allsoulsbolton.org.uk where they have a nice “flyer” advertising the event.

This is a new venue, formerly a church, and Amy is trying hard to kick start things, so, don’t say I didn’t tell you all.

March 29, 2016

Phoenix Rising

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Once upon a time, a Ceilidh session was about to fold, nobody was coming along to the nights. Then they booked the Old School Band, and Lo, there was light, the nights were rescued, a miracle you might say, or just a good band maybe …
And so it came to pass that many weird and wonderful Ceilidh Bands came up from the South, wielding strange instruments, everything but the Kitchen Sink, and everything ut the Old School Band, an omission that did not go without comment in Band circles ..
Now mr Joe Public, after many many gigs elsewhere, we return to the true Bosom of Folk Dance..The Phoenix Ceilidhs !
We are appearing on the 8th April, they are held at Adlington & District Community Centre, Railway Road, Adlington PR6 9RF.
a good chance to see us if you are thinking of booking us in the Autumn, or early next year. We are not taking any more bookings for May, June, July ,and August

January 4, 2016

Back in Black

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Lemmy dead ? it’s up to Keef now to fly the flag for R&R excess, anyway, back in the Ceilidh world, that other hard bitten gigging machine roars into action for 2016 !
We’ve got a really busy gig list after a quiet October, November, December for last year, this one is looking really interesting and alive, with lots of weddings, birthdays, and celebrations of all sorts.
We are nearly full for Spring, and Summer is looking good also. The last couple of years have been problematic in August, with Band Member’s holidays, or other gigs, but late August might be possible “at a push”.
If you want to check us out before you book, we are on at “Phoenix Ceilidhs” on 8th April, try “Googling” their website for details.
So on we go, if you want us, I recommend you BOOK NOW !

August 9, 2015

Into Battle again

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Off to breakfast out, then early supermarket on a Sunday, as is my habit, coming home, why are there Riot police everywhere ? Oh yes, it’s the first game of our illustrious newly promoted Footie team, and there’s a marauding army from the North East coming down for mortal combat. Time to lock the door then, I’m convinced that even the atmosphere is full of menace when these “wars” are on, and any drunken triumphalism or whatever, after the event is to be avoided for the next 12hours !!
Whilst our “Cultural Heroes” are dubbining their boots, the Old School Band is in recess, and I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying a rest, even though we turned down gig after gig in August. If we were a business this might be described as “Commercial Suicide”, still, we are mega busy in September and October, so after another week or so of layoff, it will be dust off the steel toed trainers (those bloody guitar cases are heavy !) and off to battle.
Just to let you know, November,December, January and February are fairly free, it gets busier after that. Next August ?? probably unavailable alas.
PS I forgot to mention in the last blog, if a venue asks us to turn up early to set up, we are charging extra at £50.00 an hour. Try keeping a bunch of skilled electricians doing nothing for four hours on a Saturday night,

June 30, 2015

Do you mind ?

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Was it the case that when Michaelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel, someone came up and said “Excuse me the Pope wants to know if you wouldn’t mind painting his shed while you#ve got your brushes out”.
We often get the request to do a spot of DJ’ing after the Ceilidh. Seeing as this often happens, people must not have an idea how much work goes into an rvening’s entertainment, plus overheads, rehearsals, years of learning to play, travelling, loading, unloading. If you break all this down, we come pretty cheap, as do all but the most famous musicians. take a skilled worker like a plaster, emplioy five of them on a Saturday night, double time, and compare the Bill.
I wake up in the morning as a rather mixed up Musician and music teacher, if I suffered the quite Kafkaesque fate of waking up as a DJ, I would put my head in the oven (Does it work for natural Gas ?)
So please don’t ask, similarly we do mind loaning out our sound system “Just for the wedding speeches^, and “you don’t mind if we have a disco at buffet time”.
So book us for a Ceilidh, we’re the best for the job, other jobs, get someone else.

June 8, 2015

Per Ardua ad Astra

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Of course you knew this, but my title for this blog shows how we have to go through all sorts of trials trying to perform well at gigs, and thus be stars, Geddit ?
This year alone we’ve driven onto muddy fields to perform in a circus tent, and we regularly go down Farm tracks in the middle of nowhere for a Marquee, or Tepee, all great fun actually.
Last weekend we were in Liverpool !!! Now I’m not singling out this iconic city, but to get to Bold Street, unload and then park is the sort of stuff you have nightmares about. The bigger the city, the more anti traffic they seem to be.
Two of us know the street well, even how to get there, and we researched whether it was one way or not, so we arrive bang on time, pointing the correct way, but no dice, they put up bollards at a certain time, too early for us !
After going down all sorts of side streets, we got there as close as we could, now to carry our gear through the streets !! Luckily we were using the venues P A.
We set up on the stage, and did a sound check, and thanks to adrenalin, and Roger’s stewardship, we did a really good performance, then packed up and went home.
Today I got an Email from Ruth, the bride, thanking us profusely, saying how much everyone enjoyed it.
That makes it worth while, but sometimes it’s harder to get to the centre of a big city than it is to get to the Barn down a farm track in the heart of the country.

May 29, 2015

Wot’s Cool

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Well OMG and LOL (I think I know what these mean). Has the Old School Band joined the 21st Century or wot ?
Fans of the band (well maybe Roger) can now access our FACEBOOK page, make sure you include Ceilidh in the title, or you get some American bluegrass Band.
There are also some new photos and music clips too, which I believe are filtering on to Youtube. our Dave is in charge of this department, I hope it introduces the Band to more Customers.

March 10, 2015

A New Venue

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When you have done as many gigs as us, there are a lot of repeats of venues we have done in the past, but not many good new ones
We always love Samlesbury Hall, but I can tell you that some venues, and they feature in Posh County Set Magazines aren’t what they are cracked up to be, say no more.
So this time we’re in that hidden gem of a Park, Avenham Preston. The best Park in the world is Williamson Park, Lancaster, where I grew up. A favourite of mine was when we played the Ashton Memorial there not sp long ago. Avenham and Miller Parks run a close second and third. So we are doing a wedding in the newly refurbished Pavilion. I loved it when they had free concerts in the Park in Summer, so here we are playing there now, super !!

February 6, 2015

A Chance to see us !

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On Saturday 28th February we are doing a Charity Ceilidh Dance for the British Heart Foundation at St Teresa’a Social Club, Queensway, Penwortham, Telephone 0754 0606 763 for further details.
This is your ideal chance to see us in action if you are thinking of booking us in the next 11 months.

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